Welcome to the world of smart or hybrid business cards!

The concept is simple: replace hundreds of traditional business cards with a single digital device with SmartOnCard.com’s smart business card.

This way, you leave a mark on everyone you meet, and your new card can contain unlimited information about you, your business or anything else you want to know, in addition to the usual details.


a smart business card for?

First and foremost, it makes life easier for those whose work involves regular contact. Whether you’re an individual, a contractor or a salesperson.

If you regularly change contact details or have ever lost your contact information, then SmartOnCard.com business card is for you!


it works?

We will print you a custom or a standard modern design plastic card (you choose which one you want) with an NFC chip (think of it as a read/write memory card). This chip will be programmed with everything you need from your name to your phone number to all your social media pages. All so that any one of them can be instantly opened or saved by the people whose phone you touch with your card.
Think about it. A contact list with phone number, email address and other contact details at the touch of a button. It’s a sure way to stay in the know.
In the same way, you can show your content from any social networking site in seconds, or drive people to your website, as a tap of the card to your phone will instantly bring up links to the sites you’ve loaded.

Asked Questions

You can choose and order the smart business card that suits you best here. Once selected, you will be taken to the product page of our webshop where you can complete your order.

Once you have placed your order, you can add your details immediately using our data request form.

If you choose from our stock, we will send you your card in about 2 working days.

For custom business cards, the production and dispatch time is approximately 1 week.

Once the card is ready, we will send it to you by post.

There is one type of knowledge, but there are several types of use.

1) Smart business cards with standard design or with your own design

2) Smart business cards for companies and businesses with standard design or own design

1) Below you can find the card types, from which you can order the one that suits you best.

2) After ordering, you will need to fill in the data request form (a link to which will be included in the order confirmation email).

3) We will seal your card(s) and send them to you by post.

4) You can use the data request immediately upon receipt.

No! You only need to buy your smart business card once and then you can use it indefinitely.

In this case you will have to order a new one from us, but you will not have to fill in your details again. Your new smart card will be programmed in the same way as the lost card.

To report a data change, fill in the form below and we will amend the requested change as soon as possible.

All our cards come with a 24-month warranty against malfunction. Faults due to physical damage are not covered by the warranty. To claim under warranty, return the product to our head office and indicate the nature of the problem. After inspection, if the product is defective, we will replace it free of charge.

Apple: all phones manufactured after 2017
Samsung: all phones manufactured after 2014
Google: all phones manufactured after 2015
LG: All phones manufactured after 2014
Huawei: All phones manufactured after 2016
Nokia: All phones manufactured after 2016
OnePlus: All phones manufactured after 2015
HTC: All phones manufactured after 2015

*For older phones, NFC is factory deactivated on many models, you need to turn it on in Settings.

what makes it worth it

Excellent properties

Wallet-friendly – Buy once, last a lifetime. No need to re-order from a printer like traditional business cards.

NFC technology – Most mobile phones manufactured after 2017 have an NFC chip, making them suitable for scanning NFC cards. A fast and accurate solution.

2-Year Warranty – The expected lifetime of the product is guaranteed for many years due to its technology and material, but for your security, we offer a replacement warranty for 2 full years.

Change your data at any time – Our data and contact details can change, of course, but there’s no need to buy a new card.


Our available products

You can see the prices of each type by tapping on the card of the product.