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Smart business cards for companies



Quantity Discount (%) Price
1 49,00 
2 - 10 49,00 
11 - 50 4.08 % 47,00 
51 - 100 8.16 % 45,00 
101+ 16.33 % 41,00 

Attention! After ordering your smart business card, log in to your profile and click on the “Create a new business card” button, where you can enter the necessary information. You will need to fill in the number of the order! Each person will need to create a separate business card in their profile.

Quantity-dependent discount!
From 1 to 10 pieces 49 €/piece
From 11 to 50 pieces 47 €/piece
51 to 100 pieces 45 €/piece
Over 100 pieces 41 €/piece

The SmartOnCard.com smart business card makes life easier for all those whose work involves regular contact. Compared to traditional business cards, this smart business card “never sells out” and there is no need to re-order it from the printer. You only have to buy it once and you can reuse it countless times.

The SmartOnCard.com smart business card uses NFC technology. Instead of handing over your traditional business card, you simply tap it to your partner’s phone and your profile page with the content you want will appear instantly on their screen. With a single click, your partner can save your contact details to their phone.

It works like this:


Product: SmartOnCard.com smart business card for companies, businesses
Material: plastic
Data update: anytime
Design: standard or customized company design
Data content: custom